Offline Games

Games are now a common content of mobile phones. The keypad versions or the touch screen versions have games that are either already installed when bought or the ones downloaded as apps. There are many types of games that you can download for your mobile android phone. There are the games that are free for download or the ones you have to pay for. There are also the games that could be played in the offline mode or the ones that require the internet connection.

Here are games that are free to play in offline mode.

These games are in the genre of adventure. They are Badland, Sudoku: free and offline, Crashlands, Cats Go: Offline, Minecraft Pocket Edition, and Limbo.

There are many more games that you may already know in the same genre. If you have not tried some of the lists above then now you have a new game to try. Surely you already played Minecraft.

In the genre of strategy, you can find the games Kingdom Rush Frontiers and XCOM Enemy Within.

If you want the roleplaying genre then you can try Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Several Final Fantasy Games, Legend of Darkness-Offline RPG, Beamdog Collection, Eternium: Mage And Minions, and SoulCraft – Action RPG.

If you prefer the sports in the offline mode then you can play 3D Pool Ball and Darts King.

The genre of action is one that will not disappear especially in the gaming industry. There is the Overkill 3 and the Special Forces Group 2.