How Important is Maintaining your Online Security?

There are billions of people all over the world who own smartphones, laptop or notebook, and desktop computers. With this number of gadget users including internet users, do you think you are protected from threats on your computer? Did you know that thousands of new virus on your computer are ready to attack you every day? Everyone who owns a computer can fall as a victim of cyber crime anytime. All smartphone owners can also be hacked anytime. Now, how hack-friendly is your own password?

In this digital era, it is very important to be secured and protected not only in the physical aspect of life but also the things that you own including your own password. How important is password anyway? Through passwords, you can protect your own files and any important document on your computer. There are millions of malicious code threats that has been detected, so it is important to maintain your security especially your online security including your password. Do you know how safe are you? Have a good day eating in this restaurant. Check this good site here 服務業. More and more foods that you will love are found in here.

The safety and protection of your password is important. Hackers can quickly crack your password without giving you a notice. Some uses online web-based application that conducts thousands of guesses per second. Remember also that there are professional hackers who can use offline super computer that conducts even trillion guesses per second! It is very important to make a strong password for your own protection. Never use easy passwords like abc123, Password, princess, iloveyou, and many others because these passwords are easy to be hacked